Online STEM Education Resources

. by Sonja Bradfield

There are great STEM resources available online for free to help K-12 students understand science and chemical engineering concepts and to help develop their interest in science.

August 2020 Featured Engage Discussions

. by Monica Mellinger

澳门永利yl545This month, there's an Engage conversation about personal finance tips, while others are sharing accounts of accident incidents, or looking for fellow students interested in biomedical topics.

July 2020 Featured Engage Discussions

. by Monica Mellinger

Have or need tips on using AI to solve technical problems? Looking for advice on how to search for a chemical engineering job in these unpredictable times? Find these conversations and more on AIChE's Engage.

AIChE CARE Honduras

. by Zelma María Mejía Galeas

Founded by the AIChE student chapter at the National Autonomous University of Honduras, this project raises relief funds for poor Honduran families affected by COVID-19 hardships. 

May 2020 Featured Engage Discussions

. by Monica Mellinger

澳门永利yl545Wondering about virtual internships? Have (or need) tips for video calls? Got advice for starting a student chapter? Check out these topics and contribute your own ideas.  

AIChE Responds to COVID-19

. by Gordon Ellis

Learn about the many ways we've adapted to continue providing the many services and resources you need to remain productive, whether you're an engineering professional, academic, or student. 

April 2020 Featured Engage Discussions

. by Monica Mellinger

澳门永利yl545Want to keep up with what other chemical and biological engineers are discussing, or keep up on what other students are talking about? Join in the conversation at AIChE's Engage.  

March 2020 Featured Engage Discussions

. by Monica Mellinger

澳门永利yl545One chemical engineer asks for your tips on working from home; another wants to know how other teachers are dealing with COVID-19's effects. Check out these discussions and more.

Roundup: Internships

. by Emily Miksiewicz

Wondering how to get a chemical engineering internship? Want to know how to make the most of an internship? Answers to these questions and more.

What Makes a Great Business Card?

. by Yogi Paturu

澳门永利yl545A great business card—for students and professionals—is the ultimate ice breaker and can keep the conversation going beyond the first meeting.

Hear from Former WISE Interns

. by Stephanie Viola

Hear in a two-part podcast series how gaining an insider's understanding of government policy related to chemical engineering can change the course of a chemical engineer's career.

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