2020 Regenerative Engineering Society Symposium | AIChE


We are pleased to announce that the Regenerative Engineering Society of AIChE presents this event that will cover a range of topics on regenerative engineering.



Conference Chairs

Invited Speakers

  • Zhen Gu
  • Mike McAlpine
  • Jordan Miller
    Rice University
  • Hyunjoon Kong
  • Andrew Putnam
    University of Michigan
  • Manu Platt
    Georgia Tech
  • Sarah Gong
    UW Madison
  • Warren Grayson
    Johns Hopkins University
  • Matthew Webber
    Notre Dame
  • Shrike Zhang
    Harvard University
  • Kimberly Stroka
    University of Maryland
  • Vivek Kumar
  • Julianne Holloway
  • Ke Cheng
    UNC/NC State

Organizing Committee

Session Topics

  • 3D Bioprinting

  • Orthopedic Tissue Engineering

  • Stem Cells and Tissue Engineering

  • Immunoengineering

  • Nanobiomaterials and Drug Delivery

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